1. Why the partnership with New Horizons Foundation? Mukundi Scholarship Fund is a 100% volunteer-based organization so none of the donation goes to our payroll. Mukundi strategically partners with New Horizons Foundation who reserves 5% of every donation to cover their expenses, or 8% if the donation is given by credit card. This strategic partnership allows Mukundi Scholarship Fund to have no paid staff and therefore allocate all of the remaining 95% directly to the training and tuition of the scholarship students. The 5% that New Horizon Foundation receives covers all banking, independent auditing, legal, and admin costs in order to operate as a transparent and trustworthy 501c3 that provides tax deductions for all charitable donations.
  2. How much do the scholarships cost? The average university tuition cost is $1900 a year. The average time it takes a student to graduate is 4.8 years. The cost and length of time to graduate vary depending on country, university, and major. The average cost of the leadership development trainings and materials is approximately $240 a year.
  3. What does Mukundi mean? Mukundi is a word in Shona, a Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe. It means to overcome or overcomer. It was chosen after being inspired by several Zimbabwean children who overcame an incredible amount of hardships: both parents dying of AIDS, extreme poverty, abuse, and years of drought and hunger. These students not only survived, but they arose out of the pain to became the some of the first in their villages to go to University, ‚Äčand they are now giving back to others that are struggling to survive in such hardships that they were once in. They are true overcomers, they are Mukundi.